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a wind chime made out of clay sitting on top of a table
Ceramic Bell
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a person holding a black and white ornament with an arrow design on it
Fjäder av keramik FLD
a group of rocks hanging from a wooden branch on a wall with strings attached to it
Ceramic chimes, Ceramic Bell, Memorial Gift
Ceramic chimes, Ceramic Bell, Loved one Gift 10 different strands bells/chimes from black, white and brown clay. There are paw prints on the top cup and each strand ends with a heart shaped ceramic, It is a perfect gift to a person who loves animal, or who lost their pet. Each strand have handmade ceramics beads and cups and they were assembled with a linen/cotton waxed rope. They can be use as an indoor or outdoor decor. **PURCHASING AS A GIFT** please add a special note at checkout, It will
a piece of driftwood hanging from a branch with wooden beads and other items on it
a decorative wall hanging made out of shells
three different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
five ceramic mushroom ornaments hanging from strings
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three knitted lamps hanging from strings on a white background, one is beige and the other is brown
several different colored eggs hanging from a tree branch
Ceramic Chime Sets | VivaTerra