Portas de Tavira - Door's from Tavira, Algarve

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a wooden door with metal bars on it
Artur Cruz: Senior Real Estate Agente Century21 Plaza Tavira
Porta tipica de Tavira.
an old door with a clock above it
Mais uma porta típica de Tavira. Perto do Alto de São Brás. Por http://pt.arturcruz.com
an old building with a large green door
por www.arturcruz.com
an open door in the side of a building
By www.arturcruz.com
an ornate wooden door on a red wall
Arquivo Historico DSC_0629
Tavira, Algarve, Portugal
a green door is in front of a blue and white wall
Puertas de Tavira
a green door with decorative tiles on it
Puertas de Tavira
an old door with a clock on the top
Largo do Trem
an open door on the side of a yellow and brown building with stone steps leading up to it
Na Rua Borda de Agua em Tavira. Por https://www.remax.pt/ajcruz
an ornate wooden door is shown in front of a building
Great work. Close to "Pousada" de Tavira
an old building with two green doors and ornate designs on the front door is shown
Tavira www.arturcruz.com
a yellow door is in front of a white building with blue trim and carvings on it
AZUL E BRANCO cabanas de tavira
an old white door on the side of a building with brick flooring and walls
Tavira Door
"Tavira Door". Tavira is an old Roman town in Portugal’s Algarve region, situated close to the border with Spain. | ©Geoff Le Page
an old building with a wooden door and window on the outside, surrounded by white buildings
Porta de reixa em Tavira