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the diagram shows different types of tools used to make screws and pliers, including cr232 & ca424 kits
Cable Railing Kits: Interior Stainless Steel Wire Railing Kits
four different types of metal poles with holes in the middle and one on each side
Surface Mount Cable Railing Posts - StairSupplies™
there are many different types of scissors on display together in the store and tied together with blue ribbon
China Wire Rope & Wire Rope Sling for lifting Solutions
a bunch of nails are laying on top of each other
New stays
several silver colored wires on a white surface
12 Pc Screw Clasp Stainless Steel Wire Cable Key Rings
10 Pc Screw Clasp Stainless Steel Wire Cable Key Rings ** Be sure to check out this awesome product.Note:It is affiliate link to Amazon.
a close up of a metal object with two wires attached to the end of it
Inspiration for harware to mount hog wire AKA cattle panel to a wall
an image of the inside of a building with plants growing out of it
Cable Trellis System for Green Wall
We manufacture and supply a range of stainless steel 316 cable and components for vertical garden and living wall projects. The most common type of wire used in facades is 7×7 wire rope, which consists of 49 strands, making it extremely strong and robust. Our 90 Degree Crossover Clip is made from the same 316 grade stainless steel and size ranges from M10*3mm to M16*8mm. Simple to install cable trellis system makes it easy to add a green wall to your house and facade.
two hands are holding wires on a white surface and one hand is pointing at them
various types of wire and hooks are shown in this image with the words, 100ft /
Stainless Steel Wire Cable 7x7 Strand Core 100ftOutdoor String Lights Hanging Kit with
Suitable for outdoor applications such as tent ropes, clotheslines, outdoor hanging lights, deck cable railings, picture displays, etc. It can also support climbing plants, garden railings, canopies, pergola, etc. Including x 30m/100ft vinyl steel cable,5 x M5 Turnbuckle Tensioners,8x M2 Wire Rope Clamp Clip,10 x M2 aluminum sleeve, 10x M2 thimble, 2 x M6 expansion hook ,2 x Spring Snap Hook, 8x M6 Sheep eye screw hook 65mm, 10 x plastic anchors
the kit includes wire, hooks, and other tools to make it easier for people to use
TooTaci Garden Wire 30M/2mm Stainless Steel Wire Rope Kit,M5 Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner Kit,Fence Wire Roll Kit,Cable Railing Kit,2mm PVC Coated Wire Rope Metal Cable,Vine Eyes for Climbing Plants
an assortment of metal objects are shown on a white surface, including wires and plugs
3mm Cable Display System