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a brick face on the side of a building
Video review of the idea of ​​modern furniture
there is a large sculpture in the snow
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
two large white hands sticking out of the water in front of a building with windows and balconies
Giant Hands Emerge From a Venice Canal to Raise Climate Change Awareness
a large floor lamp in the corner of a room next to a counter with a vase on it
Galeria de Centro de Espetáculos Ptuj / ENOTA - 20
Centro de Espetáculos Ptuj,© Miran Kambič
an image of a room that is made up of squares and circles with the light shining through
うっとりする写真・・・光と影が織りなす繊細なパターン「シャドウ・キューブ」 : カラパイア
a glass jar with some sort of design on it
12 Of The Best Package Designs
considertheaesthetic: �Our initial idea was to create a luxury product, the product of the highest standards. Sophisticated, fresh and modern, should be differentiated from other brands in the category, through innovative design and successful branding.� Tamara Mihajlovi?
a white and black cabinet with gold decorations on it's sides, in front of a marble wall
Marble fireplace
three different angles of an empty room with light coming from the ceiling and lighting on the wall
Smart Corner Light to Brighten up Your Corner Space -
Smart Corner Light to Brighten up Your Corner Space Interior Design
a light that is on top of a table
The launch lamp
two pieces of white paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
30 Genius Examples of Product/Industrial Designs -DesignBump
Every now and then you come across a Product Design or Industrial Design that goes above and beyond with it's purpose and design. These products are simply genius and help broaden our perspective on the
two wooden toothbrushes sitting next to each other
New chopsticks for Hashikura Matsukan and Nendo
Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils , beautiful design ++
a red couch sitting on top of a white floor
Asymmetry - Design People Predict 2017's Biggest Trends - Photos
a close up of a gray couch with an open book on it's back
Fauteuil Auditorium Genya - Fauteuils Hémicycle
Fauteuil Auditorium Genya
an airplane seat with the door open to show it's arm rest and storage compartment
Industrial Design, Interior Spaces, Seating, Furniture, and Design Inspiration image inspiration on Designspiration
Product/industrial inspiration
a glass with orange juice and a metal fork sticking out of it's head
a faucet that is sitting on top of a blue and white bowl with red stuff in it
Estilo Marrocos
a black and white photo of a faucet with water coming out of it
Torneiras que parecem obras de arte são lançadas pela American Standard
Torneiras que parecem obras de arte são lançadas pela American Standard
a modern bathroom faucet designed to look like a curved white handle on a concrete wall
10 Innovative Floating Shelf Designs for Sleek Storage
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a white floor
Z Chair | design: Zaha Hadid
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a room
Venice Biennale Design by Zaha Hadid Architects
an entrance to a building with lights coming from it's windows and the word gentle monster written in large letters
Gentle monster
the stairs are made out of concrete and have been placed in front of a wall
And saw the skull beneath the skin.
And saw the skull beneath the skin.