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Yoga for Scoliosis: Safe Poses for Pain Relief & Posture Alignment
Yoga for Scoliosis: Safe Poses for Pain Relief & Posture Alignment
Yoga for Scoliosis: Safe Poses for Pain Relief & Posture Alignment
Yoga for Scoliosis: Safe Poses for Pain Relief & Posture Alignment
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Yoga Nidra Positions & Modifications
Many people find unmodified Shavasana uncomfortable due to body proportions, need for padding or support, or injuries affecting their range of movement. It's perfectly acceptable to modify Shavasana with supports like towels under the arms to relieve shoulder strain. Try these 3 Yoga Nidra positions and modifications suitable for all levels.
Yoga Nidra Practice Yoga Nidra Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Relaxation Exercises, Sleep Meditation
Guided Yoga Nidra Practice
In this grounding Yoga Nidra sleep meditation, Arhanta Yoga Senior Teacher, Omkar Jain, will guide you through deep relaxation exercises, helping you rotate your consciousnesses and blend your inner world with the earth's grounding energy. After this Earth Element Yoga Nidra meditation, you’ll feel refreshed and deeply connected to the world around you.
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Forearm Stand Pose Preparation
Ready to give Forearm Stand a go? Watch this short tutorial and read for more detailed instructions! #forearmstand #yogapose #yogapractice #asana
female yoga practitioner doing a hip-opener yoga sequence Yin Yoga, Yoga Routines, Fitness, Hip Opening Yoga, Hip Mobility, Hip Opening Stretches, Yoga Stretches
7 yoga stretches for strong & tension-free hips
Whether you're glued to a desk or carry stress in your hips, these poses are your passport to a happier and healthier you. Ready to dive deeper? Check out our detailed guide! #hipstretches #yogastretch #yogapractice #hathayoga #yinyoga
Pigeon Pose Yoga Variations Pigeon Pose Yoga, Yoga Props, Yoga Tutorial, Muscle Groups
Pigeon Pose Modifications and Variations
Only once you have understood and experienced the proper foundation of Pigeon Pose with the correct alignment that targets the desired muscle groups (using yoga props if necessary) should you move on to exploring Pigeon Pose variations. Learn more in our blog! #pigeonpose #yogapose #asanatutorial #yogapractice
Children's Yoga for Emotional Balance Yoga For Kids, Yoga Benefits, Holistic Health, Ease, Health And Wellness, Wellness
Easy Kids Yoga for Emotional Balance & Control
If your students or children are struggling to understand and manage their emotions, this guide will shed light on the benefits of yoga for emotional release and regulation. We also share 7 playful poses that’ll help your little ones work through challenging moods and basic emotions with ease.
Yoga for Neck Pain Neck Pain Relief, Pain Relief, Neck Pain, Neck Yoga, Neck Stretches
Yoga for Neck Pain Relief
Yoga for Neck Pain: Why It’s Good & a 15-Min Flow for Instant Relief with Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain from Arhanta Yoga Ashrams & Online Academy. #neckpainrelief #neckstretches #yoga
Yoga for Flu Season Yoga Tips, Detox, Lymphatic System, Lymph Drainage, Lymph Vessels, Lymph Fluid
Immune System Yoga
Reduce the creation of lactic acid and stimulate lymph fluid, practice poses using the Hatha Yoga principle of relaxing in a resting pose between more active poses. We share more detox yoga tips in our blog! #yoga #yogapractice #health
yoga poses for balance Mindfulness, Yoga For Balance, Yoga Balance Poses, Best Yoga, Chakra Meditation
Best Yoga for Balance of the Body, Mind & Soul
Find essential yoga balance poses, breathwork techniques, chakra meditations and more in this Guide to Yoga for Total Balance—mind, body, and soul. #balance #yoga
Yin Yoga Poses – The 5 Archetypes Yin Yoga Poses, Yoga Reading, Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga Poses – The 5 Archetypes
In Yin Yoga, the concept of the "5 Archetypes" refers to five fundamental categories or types of poses. Each archetype pinpoints specific muscular and skeletal areas, allowing poses to be interchanged based on intensity. Understanding these archetypes empowers practitioners to craft a tailored practice, addressing various body parts and energy channels comprehensively. Keep reading in our Ultimate Guide to Yin Yoga. #yinyoga #yogateachertraining #yogapractice
Guide to Yoga's 5 Warrior Poses Yoga Guide, Yoga Postures, Warrior Yoga
Guide to Yoga’s 5 Warrior Poses & How to Master the Perfect Form
There are multiple variations of Virabhadrasana in yoga, each offering its own unique blend of challenges and benefits. Read on to discover the 5 core warrior yoga poses, their benefits, and how to practice each with functional form and proper alignment. #yogapose #yogapractice #asana #warriorpose
Frog Pose Mandukasana Yoga Sequences, Yin Poses, Poses, Frog Pose Yoga
Frog Pose: Benefits & Variations for Beginners to Advanced
In this complete guide, you'll discover essential tips and Yin Yoga variations to help you practice this deep hip opener safely and effectively. We’ll also jump into the benefits of Frog Pose and explore how you can modify it to suit your needs, no matter your skill or mobility level.
Yoga for Runners Yoga For Runners, Muscle Tension, Types Of Yoga
Yoga for Runners: 8 Poses to Prevent Injury & Improve Performance
Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting out on your running journey, this blog will explore the incredible benefits of yoga for runners and the best post-run yoga poses to build strength and boost your recovery.