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the different types of boats are shown in this drawing, and there is also an image of
Be Prepared in Survival Life | How to Survive and Prepare for an Emergency | Survival Life Blog
Conquer the Frontier Like An American Pioneer | Self-sufficiency Ideas and Skills by Survival Life http://survivallife.com/2014/06/02/conquer-the-frontier-like-an-american-pioneer/
four different views of blue and green water
Artist Layers Custom Cut Glass and Wood to Create a Stunning Ocean Illusion Table
Not so long ago we wrote about the beautiful river- and lake-like desks by Greg Klassen, and today we have a similar but not less stunning layered glass table design by Duffy London - the Abyss table, which is created in a way that mimics the depths of the oceans. This unique table uses multiple layers of stacked glass and wood, completing the table as a three-dimensional representation of a geological map.
a person using a large knife to cut wood
Simon Hill greenwood carving
an old drawing shows how to build a log cabin with woodworking tools and lumber
The Outlands - Build your own log cabin
Build a log cabin! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
a tree house with a slide in the yard
Terrific Tree Houses for Family Backyard Fun
Giant kids tree house i <3
a living room filled with furniture next to a wooden staircase
wood house
a wooden cabin in the woods with stairs leading up to it's porch and deck
What My Dream Home Would Look Like
heidi's wanderings: What My Dream Home Would Look Like
a living room filled with lots of furniture and wooden beams on top of the ceiling
Modern meets rustic in a beautiful Colorado mountain retreat
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a fire place in the middle of it
Locati Architects's Photos
give me a clubhouse like this and i will never leave.