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an old woman holding a book in front of a green chalkboard
quebra-csbeça - K
Pre School, Preschool, Activities, List
a red car with tools on it sitting in front of a green bottle
Community helper puzzle for kids | Crafts and Worksheets for Preschool,Toddler and Kindergarten
professions puzzle
quebra-cabeça - L Teaching Tools, Preschool Education, Preschool Jobs, Learning Activities
quebra-cabeça - L
a man is holding a plate with food on it and pointing to the left side
Vocabulario. Categorías. Profesiones. Qué le hace falta?
an image of a woman cleaning the floor with her broom and other things around her
an image of a sailor with life preserver and other items around him on a white background
an image of eggs being made in the kitchen and what they are used to make them
an image of clowns and circus animals in the circle illustration on white background stock photo
an image of a woman playing tennis with her racket and ball in the air
an image of scuba gear and equipment for children to use on their own face masks
Asker, Sade, Community Helper
a man holding a paintbrush in front of an easel with paints and brushes
a man in blue work clothes standing next to a ladder and some tools on a white background
a woman sitting at a table with sewing supplies in front of her and an image of a sewing machine on the table
a woman standing in front of a mirror with scissors and hair dryer on it
a man holding a watering can, shovel and other gardening tools on a white background
an image of food that includes bread, flour and other things to make it look like a chef
موارد المعلم: ملف ضخم عن أصحاب المهن
an image of food that includes bread, fruit and other things to eat on the table
quebra-cabeça - G
the wall is decorated with construction paper and cut out vehicles on it's sides
Imagem - Educação Infantil
Imagem - Educação Infantil - Aluno On
a toy firetruck with two people riding on it's side and the word sondero painted on its side
Caminhão de bombeiro
O Professor Sassá ensina a fazer um carrinho super legal usando caixas de ovos e de leite. Quer ver como? Materiais
children playing with numbers and shapes on a red table
Kincsek, kacatok, ünnepek
a group of toy firetrucks sitting on top of an orange table in a classroom
Camions de pompiers
a bulletin board with children's drawings and words in spanish on orange paper background
Escola EB1/PE Ribeiro Domingos Dias
Escola EB1/PE Ribeiro Domingos Dias: Março 2015