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an old painting of two women holding a cup
Detail of Mary Magdalene, ~1500, Pasqualino Veneto
a painting of a woman holding a child
Bartolome Esteban Murillo - a virgem dos o rosário
Portraits, Sultan, Kneeling, Orthodox Icons, Cristo
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Judith: 1504 by Giorgio da Castelfranco (Hermitage Museum - St-Petersburg) - High Renaissance Renaissance, Mona Lisa, High Renaissance, Painter, Renaissance Kunst, Renaissance Paintings, Rembrandt
Judith: 1504 by Giorgio da Castelfranco (Hermitage Museum - St-Petersburg) - High Renaissance
a painting of a man with his hands together
São Francisco de Assis, 1941 - Candido Portinari - WikiArt.org
São Francisco de Assis - Portinari Candido
a painting of a man holding a cross
Giorlamo Alibrandi, San Pietro, 1515-1516 circa, Museo regionale di Messina
a painting of a woman holding a book
Santa Maria Maddalena Carlo Crivelli1°
an oil painting of a woman holding a container and looking at something in her hand
Workshop of Master of the Magdalen Legend | The Magdalen Weeping | NG3116
Workshop of MASTER of the MAGDALEN LEGEND , active about 1483 - 1527 "The Magdalen Weeping" Date: about 1525 Medium: Oil on oak Dimensions: 52.7 x 38.1 cm The pot is mounted in gold and appears to be made of a semi-precious blue-grey stoone, intricately carved. Around her neck is a rosary, a rare representation of a rosary-necklace in art. The colourful doublet and expensive textiles allude to the Magdalen's sinful past. The artist was evidently active in Brussels. The National Gallery.
a painting of a woman sitting in a chair with her hands on her chest and looking down
Saint Mary Magdalene | The Walters Art Museum
Saint Mary Magdalene - by Giovanni Antonio Galli (Italian, born 1585, died 1651-1653) , ca. 1625-1635
a painting of a woman in renaissance dress
Fernando Yañez de la Almedina – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
"Santa Catalina". (1510). (by Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina).
an image of a painting with people and animals in the background, including a man holding a woman's hand
medieval autumn
Martyrdom of the holy Katharina by Jan Provoost (or Jean Provost, or Jan Provost)
an old painting with a baby in the middle and two other people standing around it
st augustine_圭尔奇诺_有画网
st augustine
an old painting of a man with a hat and robe holding a pipe in his right hand
❤ - CARLO CRIVELLI (1435 – 1495) - Polittico di Montefiore (dettaglio) - San Pietro apostolo. Chiesa di Santa Lucia, Montefiore dell'Aso.