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a drawing of a bottle with a handle on the side and lines drawn behind it
Sketches Ideas
a spiral notebook with drawings of different types of objects on it, including an electronic device
Concept sketches for my last school project. #touchmarker #sketching increíble boceto de tajador
two notebooks with drawings of kitchen items on them, one is open and the other has
Design by: Antoine Beynel - SKETCHBOOK Discover and share your design inspiration. 11 April, we start the New Web Platform. Where you can share your inspiration. Join the DE-IN community! http://www.design-inspiration.net #designinspiration #design #inspiration #productdesign #industrialdesign #sketch #sketching #designer #drawing #sketchbook #illustration #doodle #moleskine #instaart #ink #drawings #doodles #sketches #idsketch #idsketching #productdesigner #designsketch #industrialdesign...
the design process for a boat that looks like it has been built into a house
Sketches on Behance
two views of the same device, one with a steering wheel and another with an arm rest
Dustbuster Flexi
Dustbuster Flexi on Behance
an open notebook with some drawings on it
Sketching 2
Sketching 2 on Behance
a drawing of a red and white object on top of a piece of paper with some drawings around it
hand drawing – bunnyfish adventures
rounding corners
a drawing of some type of vehicle with different angles and shapes on paper next to a pen
Sketches 1
Bike helmet industrial design product sketches by Chris Grill
the shoe is designed to look like it's being made out of blue and red material
Footwear Sketches | Aaron Street
some drawings of different types of headphones
ideation sketches of in-ears speakers. Quick industrial design sketches/drawings | Black felt-tip pen
a black and white drawing of a reclining chair with the words barcelona charles on it
I usually skip over anything to do with this chair as it is so over used in media and interior design. But this is a great drawing so I pin.