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chopsticks sticking out of an empty bowl with black liquid in it and another spoon next to them
Your spoon and your chopsticks could become one.
there are two pictures of an outdoor grill on the stone wall and one is showing it's cooking area
two pictures of sheep made out of beer bottles and fake wool, one in black and white
40 embalagens incríveis para aguçar sua criatividade
three different types of spoons with birds on them, one is made out of plywood
Creative Crustacean Contraptions! - Yanko Design
an open box with some electronics in it on the bottom shelf and another electronic device inside
українська електронна пошта • Створи емейл
two cups sitting on top of a wooden table
Mugs that can be propped up on their handles for easy drying.
31 Удивительная И Недорогих Вещей Вам Нужно Для Вашей Кухни
three different colored shelves with chairs and tables in them
Mejores muebles multifuncionales
As if from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds what a great idea! love for the girls room. chairs and table that have hidden storage in the bookshelf. #mueblesmultifuncionales
a wooden desk with two drawers on one side and an open drawer on the other
John Lewis Logan Desk, Ash
Buy John Lewis Logan Desk, Ash Online at
three white shelves with books on them against a gray wall
a man holding onto his wrist with a pair of sunglasses on top of it, and the reflection of a car in the side mirror
Máxima seguridad para ciclistas y #commuterscooters #fullwearables #tecnologiasvestibles
These Pieces of Furniture Are Weirdly Satisfying
😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 *insert picture of the Genie with his jaw dropped to the floor here*
a close up of a wooden table with two holes in the top and one hole at the bottom
Matt Wood
a close up of a wooden shelf with two brackets on it's sides and one section missing from the wall
SPÄNNA table | Wedge
SPÄNNA table | Wedge
a rocking chair made out of logs in the woods
estrutura em deck branco e depois palha
there are several different types of computer keyboards
Ibrahim Guvendikler
Kakum - a wrist backbone designed by İbrahim Guvendikler
38 WTF Redneck Repairs That Are Actually Kind of Genius - Wtf Gallery Mochilla Bag, Red Neck, Bbq Grills, Bbq Pit, Rocket Stoves, Metal Projects, Welding Projects, Barbacoa, Bbq Grill
38 WTF Redneck Repairs That Are Actually Kind of Genius
38 WTF Redneck Repairs That Are Actually Kind of Genius - Wtf Gallery
an image of some glass objects on display
there are three pictures showing different stages of making lemonade in the pitcher and spoons
Drink the tea… not the tea-bag! - Yanko Design
The Creative Ceramic tea mug has an innovative handle that comes with a small space for the tea-bag to retract into. Not just that, it even squeezes the bag, allowing every bit of flavor out of the leaves, and leaving you with a brew that’s ready to drink, while the tea-bag patiently hides in its corner, waiting to be disposed AFTER you’ve enjoyed your beverage. BUY NOW!
two pictures with coffee being poured into a cup
Drop Rest Mug by Yanko Design
the tea cup slingshot is being held up by a person's hand with three cups attached to it
this isn't happiness.
"the tea slingshot" is a brilliantly designed mug that allows for you to not only squeeze the last little bit of tea from your tea bag, but also to keep it out of the way without having to remove it
the man is standing next to some wooden ladders that are leaning against each other
Space-Saving Design: Company and Company Take the Folding Ladder Further - Core77
an orange clock sitting on the side of a black wall
idil's design blog
an image of a metal door with wood trim on the bottom and side paneling
Photo 8 of 8 in 8 Creative Ways to Let the Little Details Shine from…
Liebherr refrigerator was customized with an integrated zinc front to match the cabinetry.
two photographs of a house on top of a piece of pink paper with writing underneath it
These Japanese Memo Pads Reveal Architectural Sites As Each Sheet is Removed
Travelling. Sheet by sheet. These Japanese Memo Pads Reveal Architectural Sites As Each Sheet is Removed
a wooden bench sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
Closet para abrigos y zapatos
a white paper towel dispenser mounted on a wall
Justa Randomone
three different views of a whisk being used to make an appetizer
蛋黄蛋清芬分离器 | 创意生活 | 随笔 | 小银叶的立方时空 | 立方网
Handy whisk // separates egg white from the yolk as well as whisking!
tea cups and spoons are shown in this collage with different pictures on them
Vários infusores bem legais! Destaque para o caramujo azul que impede que dá um apoio pro saquinho de chá na caneca. Repin de Alesia Staskiewicz
a coffee cup that has been made to look like it is pouring tea into the cup
three images show the process of making a bed frame with plywood boards and wood veneers
How To Build A Fancy Cutting Board - Artistic Wood Products
Collaboration Desk by Scott Alberstein
four different pictures with spoons and spatulas on them, one being used to stir food
Creative kitchen gadgets
" Coisas que Vc percebe que quer " #UtensíliosParaLPA LPA = LABORATÓRIO DE PREPARAÇÃO ALIMENTAR. Porque Cozinha é para...rsrsrs.
a green glass candle holder with a match stick in the middle and a lighter sticking out of it
Never burn your fingers again with this smart tea light votive.
Never burn your fingers again with this smart tea light votive. | 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life
the instructions for how to make a diy plywood leg table
Account Suspended
#UOonCampus #UOContest
three different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
“FAVOURITE THINGS” pendant - Outdoor hanging lights - ENOSTUDIO - Plastic | MOM
the history of modern furniture in spanish
Cadeiras de design assinado, decoração atemporal
Cadeiras de design que vão bem em qualquer ambiente! #mobiliario #furniture #design #cadeiras
a man holding up a white frame with drawings on the wall in front of him
Showroom Visits Archives - Latitude Nord | Mobilier Moderne Montréal - Modern Furniture Montreal
Shigeru Ban - 10-unit system
three different views of toilet paper hanging on the wall and above it is a shelf with several rolls of toilet paper
Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder | Bathroom Design
Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design
the diagram shows how to make a chair
Standard Furniture Measurements 1952
an image of some chairs and tables in different stages of being made out of wood
The amazing furniture works of Bae Se-hwa, part 2 - Core77
#smallspacesideas #hiddenthingsideas #furnituretransformer Folding deck chair Bae Se-hwa
Lars Beller: Moment Interiors, Nice, Contemporary, Wall Lights, Light
Lars Beller: Moment
Lars Beller: Moment
a close up of a light fixture on a cell phone with an instagram button
Balconies, Balustrades, Staircases and Handrails
Lighting embedded within a stair rail.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a monitor screen and keyboard
Tim’s Dual Use Home Office
Awesome hinge desk/shelf
a black piano sitting on top of a white floor
Enzo Berti: ZB200
Enzo Berti: ZB200
an empty room with glass walls and wooden flooring is shown in the foreground
Gallery of Chateau Margaux Winery / Foster + Partners - 10
Chateau Margaux Winery / Foster + Partners
two stools that have been designed to look like they are stacked on top of each other
LJ 3 Chair
laurens van wieringen
a wooden rocking chair with black leather seat and backrest, viewed from the front
Sleepy Chair by Autoban
Pencil Holder. Leather Craft, Leather Pencil Roll, Leather Pencil Case, Pen Case, Leather Projects, Pencil Holder, Leather Working, Pencil Case, Holder
Pencil Holder.
a book shelf with books on it and some strings hanging from the top, in front of a white background
Veliero Shelving | Franco Albini | 1940
a white bicycle parked on top of a parking lot
Epo Bicycles
Epo Bicycles
four towels hanging on a rack in front of a wall
eyeAm viewOnRetail
copper DIY clothing rack. This could be great if you are living in a room with no closet. #closet