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a painting of a person reaching for something out of a window with their hand on it
Rene Magritte. The window 1925
a painting of a nude woman standing in front of a curtain with rocks on it
Rene Magritte (Belgian: 1898-1967), La gota de agua -1948 - Oleo sobre tela
a pink rose with two swords sticking out of it's center, in front of a cloudy sky
Image result for le coup au coeur
a painting of a woman with three glass balls on her head
watercolor painting of three flowers with green stems and pink petals in the center, on a white background
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground with flowers in front of her head
Galileo Chini
a painting of a woman in a yellow dress sitting on a green couch
Lady in Gold, 1899, by Max Kurzweil
an old book with some flowers in it
Lilies of the Valley (x1950-7)
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a body
Sisyphus by Franz von Stuck
Franz Von Stuck Painting - Sisyphus by Franz von Stuck
a drawing of a woman's head with beads on it and words written in spanish
Dino Buzzati | Symbolist / Surrealist painter
a painting of a bat flying in the air over a lake and forest at night
Miss Morbid ∞: Photo
“The Rabbat” by Annie Stegg Gerard ∞
a painting of a woman in a black dress holding her hand out to the side
Autumn of Mountain, Yuqi Wang, 1993 [777 × 981] - The best designs and art from the internet
autumnmountainSource: More Art'The Siren' Jonathon Xavier Coudrille [2642 x 4072]Source: i.redd.itWoman drying herself (2019) Laura Krifka [1229 x 2000]womanSource: i.redd.itJohann Georg Platzer - Samson’s revenge (c.1730s) [3508x2726]Source: i.redd.itMore autumnmy little autumnautumnSource: i.redd.itDoes anyone know how I can get better pics or different angles for this dress,including the back?,its Elie Saab’s autumn 2018 collection,I found … Continue reading "Autumn of Mountain, Yuq
a woman standing in front of a mirror holding an umbrella
Leonor Fini (1907-1996) | Surrealist painter