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a cactus in a pot sitting on a chair
I'm just really confused with what's happening here by taylormadesucculents
some pink and white flowers in the grass
Un peu de tout, un peu de moi...
Un peu de tout, un peu de moi...
a large purple tree in front of a house
Royal Empress Tree Seeds (Paulownia tomentosa) 50+Seeds - Under The Sun Seeds - 1
a plant that is sitting next to a black wall with string lights hanging from it
Coisas de Terê
~ Abeliophllum distichum. 미선나무 ~ Magic! ~ My fav. Bonsai Tree. ~ Superb , magnific - cita munca , iubire si rabdare ! Sarnaaaaaaaaa !
an iphone screen showing the color scheme for plants and flowers, with text that reads explore nearby
Homepage - Garden and Plant Care
Find plants that will work for you. With the GrowIt! App you can filter by color, plant type, light, and much more, and all the results are from the local community! The app is #FREE check it out today.
some white flowers and green leaves on a plant
The University of Texas at Austin
°Solomon's Seal, (Polygonatum biflorum) native, beautiful shade plant. Attracts birds & butterflies. Maple & path gardens.
a cucumber hanging from a wooden fence
Growing Cucumbers
Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers. Don't plant them with watermelons! It ruins the taste of the melons. Lots of other gardening tips on this blog. >> Craziness! I had no idea! Must check these tips out.
a close up of a flower on a plant with rocks in the backgroud
Flowers of the Silk Road
Fritillaria persica. Liliaceae, native to the middle east and varies from deep purple to light green.
there are many tall bamboo trees with green leaves
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Black Bamboo
some white flowers are growing out of black leaves
Great shade plant - Oxalis would compliment Japanese maple Would love to find some black Oxalis instead of the Charmed Wine
saion 「藤~麝香~」かんざし 2016年_画像3 Paper Iris, Nail Polish Flowers, Plastic Bottle Flowers, Wire Flowers, Plastic Art, Kanzashi Flowers, Photo Charms, Japanese Flowers, Iris Flowers
saion 「藤~麝香~」かんざし 2016年_画像3
some very pretty white flowers and plants in the grass
From moon 2 moon
Beautiful white Wisteria! We had one for years that grew up a pine tree. When we lost the pine tree in a hurricane, the wisteria continued to grow....It's still beautiful but now it's lavender.
the wistery tree is in full bloom and it looks like it's dying
Wisteria tree at Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka, Japan