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an old woman holding a basket with eggs in it and the caption reads as cosas que amamos nos dizem o que somos
Amor ao que Deus ama - Tomás de Aquino
Santos, Saints, Art, Catholic Quotes, Cristo, Amor, Vida, Catholic
an image of a man and woman kissing in a kitchen with the caption'o casmentoo deve ser horado por tods o todos, conservado
Hebreus 13, 4
a statue of the virgin mary holding roses
Religión, Espiritual y Libros de la S. Virgen María
a painting of a man holding a book in his hands with the caption'dar tudo pelo tubo '
a man laying on top of an open book with his head in the water,
a painting with an image of a man walking in the snow
a woman standing in the street with her back turned to the camera, wearing a veil
an image of a woman holding a flag in front of flowers with the caption'la castadae uma virtude dos forces ques se domi
São Leão Magno
a woman sitting on the ground in front of a painting with words written below her
Tomás de Kempis
a book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says perfetto esses deveres da esposa de orde?
an image of the pope in spanish
an old man with white hair wearing a black suit and tie, in front of a dark background
a woman is holding her hand up in the air with an inspirational quote above her