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an image of two men reading books and one is reading the first question on a test
This is my favorite reaction picture of all time and I will ALWAYS find every reason to use it. It's marvelous.
a close up of a person wearing a shirt and tie with water dripping from his mouth
an animated monkey wearing a green shirt and blue scarf with two different images in front of it
two pictures of a man smiling and looking at the camera
a man standing with his hands on his hips in front of other people and looking at the camera
a woman's face is shown in four different angles and the same area has been drawn on it
Se você é mulher e é péssima em matemática, este pode ser o motivo
Ok, já está na hora de termos uma conversa séria sobre as mulheres e a matemática.
an image of a bell with the words wrong doing ur opinion is wrong
a cat wearing glasses and bow tie sitting in front of a blackboard
Hacking Your Hangover: A How-To Guide for Prevention and Recovery that Works — AlphaNerd
a boy is holding his head in front of him