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the instructions for how to make california rolls
How to Make a California Roll
See how to make restaurant-worthy sushi rolls right in your own home, thanks to our friends at @Christianne Marra Crump Fun magazine. You’ll be surprised at how simple and tasty it is to make!
multiple images of different plates and chopsticks being used to make sushi dishes
Sushi Rolls
Delícia... Próxima receita...
the sushi sauce is being served with chopsticks in front of some plates
Spicy Sushi Sauce
Spicy Sushi Sauce |
sushi rolls with chopsticks on yellow plates
Shrimp Tempura Roll
This recipe for shrimp tempura roll is crispy shrimp with avocado and cucumber, all wrapped up in seasoned rice. Making sushi at home is actually quite fun and easy to do!
two plates with rice, vegetables and sauces on them next to chopsticks
California Roll Sushi Bowl
Spending way too much on sushi? Super easy, healthy homemade sushi to the rescue with this California Roll Sushi Bowl Recipe!
there are three pictures of food being made on the same plate as they are in different stages
Spicy Tuna and Mango Soft Spring Rolls
Spicy Tuna and Mango Soft Spring Rolls - SO much easier to make than you think!
instructions on how to make an easy japanese soup
In Japan etc e tal
Maos a obra!!!!!!!! Receitas basicas da culinaria Japonesa: Arroz tardicional Japones Shiro-gohan. Modo...
the instructions for how to make stir fry
In Japan etc e tal
Shrimp Tempura | Chef Taro Mais
the instructions for how to make sushi rolls
In Japan etc e tal
California rolls, classic & masago roll
chopsticks sticking out of some food on a white plate with dipping sauce in it
Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Sauce 焼肉のタレ
Yakiniku Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce) | Easy Japanese Recipes at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
a blue plate topped with food next to a bowl filled with sauce and a fork
旅亭懐石 のとや
Japanese Onion Tempura
shrimp tempura on a plate with chopsticks
How to Make Shrimp Tempura - A step-by-step Guide | Wok & Skillet
Easy Shrimp Tempura
an assortment of food on a plate with dipping sauce
Tenpura, one of the most typical Japanese food, is said to have been brought by the Portuguese who landed Japan in the 16th century.
instructions on how to make chicken teriyaki with step - by - step pictures
In Japan etc e tal
Japanese food manga recipe
a bowl filled with fried food on top of a gray table next to a fork
Yummy Japanese Tempura!
Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetable that is battered and deep fried. It is believed that the origin of tempura is a Portuguese dish called fritter that came to Japan in the 17th century,