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an architectural drawing shows the point perspective of a building and its surrounding features, including two point perspective points
Illustration Fundamentals: Instructor Garth Glazier: Exercise 8: TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE, Drawing a skyscraper
a drawing of a hand with arabic writing on it
How To Draw Hands
How To Draw Hands
the diagram shows how to draw an object in perspective
Types of Perspective Drawings Explained With Illustrations
Perspective drawing examples with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 point perspective. Very helpful.
a pencil drawing of some flowers on a white paper
how to draw carnation - pencil
two human skulls sitting next to each other on top of a plant in a vase
Skull Tulip
a drawing of a building with windows and a steeple on the top of it
Watercolour Sintra Palace. Portugal. 2007. By Curro Blasco Esparza
a black and white drawing of an ear
Human Ear - External Ear
Human Ear - External Ear
a red trolley car traveling down train tracks next to trees and bushes on both sides
Sintra - the tram to the beach Portugal
an alley way with cobblestones and buildings in the background
Lisbon, Portugal - SEE YOU SOON!!! Beautiful place to visit
a woman in a black and white photo is doing yoga poses with her hands behind her head
Bodies in Motion photography, dynamic figure reference for artists - Female Ballet
some sketches of people doing different poses
Anatomical studies and moleskine sketches
How to Draw the Human Body - Study: Dance Body Positions for Comic / Manga Character Reference
an artistic drawing of three people bending over
Sketchy Figure Drawing