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people are standing in front of a stage with lights on it and a sign that says creative
Creative Visions - Raleigh Creative Firm
the stage is set up for an event with purple lighting and white panels on it
Towering Mega-Walls
a group of people standing on top of a stage next to a screen with a message
Throwback: Interlocking
an empty hallway with blue walls and colorful cubes on the wall, at night
2018 gameOn exhibition in shenzhen looks like a huge pixel maze
three different shots of the same person using lights to create an abstract art work on the wall
Prismatic Paintings Produced From Refracted Light by Stephen Knapp — Colossal
Dj Booth, Youth Room, Theatre
colorful cubes are on display in front of a large screen that is lit up
INCA Productions creates pixelated set for Anya Hindmarch
a man is standing in front of some colorful cubes on the ground at night
Singapore's Luminous iLight Festival Will Be Lit Up by Shimmering LED Sculptures
a man standing in front of two brightly colored booths, one with a couch and the other with a chair
brightly lit art pieces on display under a tree in the city at night with buildings and trees
Vivid Sydney's Colorful Light Installations Are Bigger and Brighter Than Ever
the stage is lit up with purple and blue lights
Rose Brand Portfolio
a woman standing in front of a pink wall holding up pillows
neon lights and wires are hanging from the ceiling
art (@flourescant) on X
colorful sculptures on grass with buildings in the background
Craig & Karl - Installation
purple and red lights in the dark with people looking at them from above it on a black background
glow for me
a chandelier made out of sheets of paper with notes attached to the ceiling
Le lampade di Ingo Maurer che sono (e saranno sempre) icone del design
a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a dark room with blue lighting
a pink room with lights on the walls and a sign above it that says we create future artists here
Wang Xin | We Create Future Artists Here (2015) | Available for Sale | Artsy
several televisions stacked on top of each other in front of a purple wall with neon lights
Prop Hire - Vintage TV Stack - MTV Music Week
many different colored boxes stacked on top of each other in front of a neon light
Tinsel Experiential Design
a lighted up letter that is sitting on a table
Vegas Letter
a stage set up with lights and musical instruments
Lanternas Japonesas e Canos | Idéias de Decoração para Igrejas - Igreja Multimídia
the stage is set up for an event with speakers and sound equipment on it's side