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four round baskets sitting on top of green grass next to two black and white pillows
Faça você mesmo, use a criatividade na decoração!
Resultado do que você pode fazer com corda e pneu. Utilize como assento ou mesinha. Ótima dica de decoração para áreas externas.
a bed room with a wooden dresser next to a mirror and a rug on the floor
Crates & Pallet Crates and Pallet 18 in. x 12.5 in. x 9.5 in. Large Wood Crate 94565 - The Home Depot
4 crates stacked together! Simple edge-paint project that ties the colors of the room together immediately.
the instructions for how to make a crocheted hammock with yarn and scissors
How to Make a Macrame Hammock | Hunker
A summer must! DIY your own comfortable and stylish macrame hammock. Macarame is a centuries-old method used to make furniture, plant holders and so many other beautiful home decor items. Get the how-to here:
a teddy bear sitting in the pocket of a bed with books and toys on it
17 DIY Home Organization Hacks
sewing idea: bed storage. Buy it here (UK): or sew it here:
an old wooden frame with photos hanging on it
Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas | Design & DIY Magazine
Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas | Design DIY Magazine
a white couch sitting next to a table with flowers in it on top of it
Blog ~ Love Warriors
LW Petrified Wood Tables / Palets | © Hannah Lemholt Photography for Love Warriors
several pairs of shoes are hanging on a rack
50 Brilliant Storage Ideas
a wooden crate sitting on top of a deck
For storing veggies in the kitchen.
plates are hanging on the wall next to a green cabinet with polka dot design in front of it
Paredes de Pratos
eu, mãe | Vida | Paredes de Pratos
there is a table with pictures on the wall behind it and an entry way leading to another room
Cheap and Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas • The Budget Decorator
I'm liking these navy feature walls. and a place for pictures
a living room with white walls and wooden floors
Dar Beida, Essaouira, Morocco
the ultimate guide to choosing clothes for your body type infographical poster - click to enlarge
Eba! Esse é o guia ilustrado da Mantô para ajudar você arrumar o seu guarda roupas! Compartilhe e comente.
some shelves in the corner of a room with pictures and decorations on top of them
DIY Floating Shelves for my Living Room
How to build simple floating shelves