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a person holding up a medal in their hand with the number ten printed on it
Turner Medals
two wooden tags with the name saugon printed on them, one is green and the other is brown
Mais 2 exemplos de medalhas realizadas nos últimos tempos, todas elas em madeira, sustentáveis e personalizáveis! 🤩 Contacta-nos para mais informações: ☎️ 937 616 148 (chamada para a rede móvel nacional) 📧 #kreativeideaspt #trofeus #medalhas #corrida #premiosecológicos #ecofriendly #premiospersonalizados
a badge with the name demo trail hanging from a hook on a gray wall background
Medalha DemoTrail
#runners #runnerslife #runforfun #medal #medals #project #design #poster #logo #mountain #ultrarun #identyfication #website #illustration# magazine# #start numbers Marathon, Wba, Ultra Marathon, Trophy, Trophies
Mountain Trail Medal
a woman leaning against a blue wall with her cell phone in her hand and texting on the screen
four different posters with people sitting on the same chair and one man holding a laptop
Social Media | Dipelnet 2018
the great ocean road medal is on display
Great Ocean Road
two wooden blocks that have some cut out of them
Диплом из дерева и металла art:DDM3
Настольный диплом изготовлен из натурального дерева с необычным рельефом верхушки. Дополнительно украшается цветной печатью по дереву. Дизайн и изготовление индивидуально под заказ.
a wooden trophy with the number twenty five on it's side, in front of a white background
Awards Trophy Design Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
a menu cover on a black plate with green leaves and gold foil lettering that reads, kapapia menu
Identity For The New Pub "KRAPIVA" - World Brand Design Society