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a drawing of the human heart and brain with arrows coming out of it's sides
Tattoo coração
two different designs on white paper with black ink
35 Times People Thought They Were Getting A Cool Tattoo, But Ended Up With A Permanent Mistake
an hourglass with a skull inside and flowers around it, surrounded by the words
design you geometric, colorful, animal tattoo
I will manipulate and combine figures, shapes etc. based on your ideas. Maybe I will draw if I need to. I use Photoshop that's why I will send you a digital copy of my work. Then you can go to a tattoo artist and ask them to make the tattoo that I designed :)
the word mom and dad written in red ink on a white background with a heart
Mom dad tattoo stencil
the word made with red ink on a white background is in the shape of a heart
a drawing of two hearts with the word love written on them and a cross in the shape of a heart
the words intensa are written in black and white ink on a white background
21 Tatuagens cursiva: tendências populares e designs - Página 3 de 3 - 123 Tatuagens
an elephant with a flower on it's head and the words disponivel written below
a man's arm with a small tattoo of a teddy bear holding a baby