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a poem written in red and white with the words good parenting exhibit overhead at work today
See? It really is that simple.
a woman in red jacket standing next to a fence with words written on the side
a man sitting at a table with his hands in the air while talking to someone
ai vc começa a gostar de um idiota que te causa confusão psicológica .. ;-;
a man dressed as thor is standing in front of a wall with writing on it
E quando ela fala o assunto (dependendo) vc solta um ar d tranquilidade
an animated image of a cat with the caption'por acersao ao '
a woman in a skirt is standing at the door
Sem pensar 2 vezes kkk
two people standing in front of a class room full of students and one person is pointing at
Kkkkkk é verdade
a grave surrounded by hearts and flowers with the words rip written in spanish above it
Paciência. Acesse: www.osegredo.com.br #OSegredo #UnidosSomosUm #Paciência #Limites #Vida #Viver #Suportar
two police officers talking to each other in front of a white van with the caption'moca, essa vaga & para deficienties '
an image of spongebob with caption that reads, cuando el profe de alado
Uma das situações que passamos na escola
Bem assim...... Funny Quotes, Kawaii
Bem assim......
an image of someones facebook page with the caption's name in spanish
the words are in spanish and english on a dark background with a woman's face
Com certeza kkkkk
an image of a potato with words written in spanish on the front and back side
Pior q é assim ano passado ri mais q o normal pq o guri da minha sala passo corretivo na boca do outro menino e esse ano outro menino deu uma vassourada na cara do outro kkkkk cheguei a ficar vermelha de tanto rir kkkk