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a person standing on top of a tiled floor next to red and green hand prints
🍿PIPOCANDO GÊNEROS TEXTUAIS+PLANOS DE AULA E ATIVIDADES 🍿ARTE DA PIPOCA 🍿49 GRÃOS DE PIPOCA COM OS NOMES DOS GÊNEROS TEXTUAIS 🍿32 GRÃOS DE PIPOCA EM BRANCO 🍿SEQUÊNCIA DIDÁTICA BILHETE 🍿RECEITA CULINÁRIA#relatoriodedesenvolvimento#atividades#escola #psicopedagogia #escolaprimaria #ensinofundamental#educacao #preescola #atividadesludicas #alfabetizaçãoinfantil #professora#pedagogo
the very colorful bugs and ladybugs stickers are on display
a child's drawing of a giraffe with numbers painted on the ground
a child's play area with toys and giraffe painted on the floor
calçada , girafa, amarelinha etrilha sensorial3.jpg :: Criartsdesenhos
a white van parked on the side of a road next to a red and blue marker
an image of a street sign with feet on the ground and numbers painted on it
there is a long line of different colored circles on the floor with footprints in them
Percursos de Psicomotricidade
a large turtle painted on the ground with numbers and flowers in it's shell
an image of a colorful drawing on the ground that looks like it's made out of chalk
children are playing with numbers on the pavement
three paper plates with farm animals on them sitting in the grass near flowers and a barn
Farm Animal Wood Crate Planter
toy cars lined up in front of a green wall with parking spaces painted on it
latest kids game playground ideas Design, Auto, Bebe, Quadra
latest kids game playground ideas
there are many potted plants in the same size as they appear to be stacked on top of each other
She buys PVC pipes and puts them in flower pot. $20 later, has a stunning piece for the garden
children are playing with numbers on the pavement
a bowl filled with flowers and plants on top of a table