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a plastic container filled with lots of different items
Math Manipulative Toolbox for Students - Will Teach For Tacos
Math Manipulative Toolbox for Students - Will Teach For Tacos
Mathematics Tricks
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers Teaching Resource
Mixed numbers and improper fractions practice for third grade students. These printable fraction activities are great for independent practice, review, or remediation for elementary students. Fraction models are presented in a variety of fun and engaging ways: area model shapes, pizza, and chocolate bars. Simply print and go!
Math tricks and tips
the printable math game for children to practice numbers and counting with their own hands
5 Free Math Games for the Primary Classroom
Unlock Fun Learning with These Free Math Games for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Classrooms! These FREE math games are perfect for the K-2 classroom. From adding and subtracting to doubles and more - these low-prep games will get your class excited about math! Go snag five free math games that will get your students excited for math time!
a bulletin board with post it notes and writing on it that says what do you notice?
Family Math Night What Do You Notice? Poster
four math problems with the text low floor high ceilinging math problems for grade 4 - 6 free printable including answer key
Low Floor High Ceiling Math Problems