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a coffee cup sitting on top of a table next to a quote from the bible
In other news. I finally told my younger son I’ve been engaged in an online ministry. He didn’t bat an eyelash. Just gave me a big grin. And that was that. The house was a lot warmer last night. Downright cozy. I’m thankful for that!!! Oh. Wait. Blue sky again!!! This cold May day IS a little bit flirty. I think it *wants* to make friends. Huh. What?!?? Sunshine!!!! Excuse me. Gotta go.
two hands holding a bowl with the words jesus is not finished don't give up
a colorful background with the words i praise you because i am fearlessly and wonderfully made your work are wonderful, i know that full well
a heart with the words you are loved beyond measure romans 8 28 - 399
Twice Chic Boutique Other | Shine | Color: Tan | Size: Os
Neutrals & Champagne
an open book with a green marker sticking out of it's middle and the words what the bible says about being product and not being lazy
a person sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean with an inspirational quote
a sign that says today's goal start with jesus stay with jesus end with jesus
the words 3 practice empathy and compassion written in black ink on white paper
a person sitting on top of a mountain with a quote above them that reads, god will bring you out of situations you got yourself and he won't hold it against you
Pain - TobyMac Spiritual Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Spiritual Inspiration, Faith Over Fear
Pain - TobyMac