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a hand holding a toothbrush with a toy animal on it
Carlos Lischetti Sugar Art - Daily Art
Carlos Lischetti Sugar Art:
a small figurine sitting on top of a book with an airplane in the background
Flying Pig / Cerdito volador
Flying Pig / Cerdito volador
two figurines on top of a cake with frosting and icing decorations
Ice skating friends
a cake made to look like an animated character
a cake with a doll holding a heart on it
the cake is decorated with three purple bugs
Ants / Hormigas
Ants / Hormigas #sugar #art #SugarArt
the cake is shaped like a mickey mouse driving a red car with ears on it's head
*SUGAR ART ~ Carlos Lischetti: SUGAR TOPPERS
a person holding a toothbrush in front of a small toy with a face on it
• Expresiones faciales | Facial expressions • TIPS "When creating your own characters, you can test DIFFERENT FACIAL EXPRESSIONS by playing around with the EYEBROWS; you can simply push them up or down, make them curved or straight to get the desired expression: happy, sad, worried, etc. The use of a either a HOOK or DRESDEN TOOL is essential for this purpose. Once you are happy with the expression on your "test/rough" head you can move on to build the 'final/clean' one". #CarlosLischetti ‪...
an old lady figurine is holding a pot and ladle in her hand
Adorable grandma topper!!! By Carlos Lischetti
a close up of a cake with a face on it's head and the words carilos above it
Carlos Lischetti
Carlos Lischetti. Sugar art.
an image of a woman sitting on top of a cake with flowers in her hair
carlos lischetti
Resultado de imagen para carlos lischetti tutorial
a yellow and black toy car with numbers on it
Carlos Lischetti
a figurine of a boy with glasses and a backpack on top of a white cloth
Carlos Lischetti. Beautiful cake topper!!
an open book with pictures of hands and eggs
[Animation in Sugar] by carlos lischetti / 슈가케이크 모델링책 (슈가크래프트)
[Animation in Sugar] by carlos lischetti / 슈가케이크 모델링책 (슈가크래프트) : 네이버 블로그
a robot dog figurine sitting on top of a round cake plate with the caption's name above it
Carlos Lischetti
Carlos Lischetti