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a man working on a white trellis in front of a house that is painted beige
How to Build a Garage Door Pergola
Garage Pergola: Build One in 12 Steps - This Old House
a wooden table covered in white powder on the floor
Lighten Wood With Bar Keepers Friend? YES!
I notice when I use Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser on raw wood… it actually lightens it up! After some looking into it, the main ingredient in BKF is Oxalic acid (which is a bleaching agent). In the past, I’ve used diluted clothing bleach to lighten wood but there’s a few factors in that technique I didn’t like. First, if it’s not a warm day to let clothing bleach on wood bask in the sun or a hair drier to use, it takes forever. Second, I’ve noticed that it makes the wood very dry aft…
an image of a drawing of a building with measurements on the wall and below it
72 Best Garage trellis ideas | garage trellis, garage pergola, house exterior
blue roof cabin: DIY Trellis Over the Garage Door
a person is holding the handle on a wooden cabinet door and it's open
how to antique with burnt umber - - Video Search Results
how to antique with burnt umber - - Video Search Results
a wooden board sitting on top of a red and white checkered blanket
{Dining Room} Sheepskin Piano Bench - Hi Sugarplum!
someone cutting up fabric with scissors on top of a cow print piece of material that has been cut in half
Udder Madness Chair Makeover - Southern State of Mind Blog by Heather