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the logo for holistic doulaa, which is designed to look like a woman
Portfolio - Sebastiaan - Flatsome Webdesigner
some type of font and numbers on a blue background with white letters in the middle
e-lactancia by Baptiste Pons, via Behance
the symbols for love and happiness are shown in white on a light green background,
Love Radius - Brand design
Graphéine – Love Radius baby slings
the number 8 with a heart on it
Maternity Logo Instagram
two white cards with green designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a pink background
Branding For A Small-Scale Midwifes Practice In Amsterdam - World Brand Design Society
two women are playing with an orange ball in the middle of each other's body
Creating the New "Mother Line:" Birthing a World that Values Women
Years ago, I came across an incredible book that was published in 1980 called "Among Women" by Louise Bernikow. It is filled with insightful and inspiring essays about women, exploring the ways that women love