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a white plate topped with different types of food on top of a gray countertop
Alma Berrow’s pieces find the humour in the “grossness” of everyday life
a white and blue plate sitting on top of a table
LAETITIA ROUGET 20cm ceramic dessert plate
White 20cm ceramic dinner plate | LAETITIA ROUGET | NET-A-PORTER
a red and white plate with writing on it that says her main passion is life as cheese
LAETITIA ROUGET 20cm ceramic dessert plate
there are many pencils in the small container on the wooden table next to each other
Match Striker // Strike Anywhere Matches Holder // Ceramic Match Striker // Match Holder - Etsy Canada
an orange plate with two faces on it next to a paintbrush and some water drops
Red Face/ Ceramic Incense Holder / Ceramic Incense Burner
Each Package contains cloth gift Bag It is a nice gift to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, housewarming or any other special occasion. Please note that all items are handmade so each item will be slightly different from the ones photographed. Size: about 8cm x 8 cm
an object is laying on the ground with two needles sticking out of it's sides
Pot de succulentes Akita, pot à cactus, pot en céramique de succulente, cadeau pour elle, choses mig
a white vase with purple flowers in it and a wooden stick sticking out of it
Il metodo semplice e veloce per modellare un fantastico porta-incenso in argilla senza cottura
a person using a pair of scissors to cut something off of a piece of concrete
Keraclay Incense Burner
Keraclay INCENSE BURNER Stoneware Ceramic Black | West Elm