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two texts are shown on the same page
17 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Know Greek Mythology
a man standing in front of a crowd with his hands on his hips and the caption reads, mendelev nivens periodic table people who have to memoize the elements
Picture memes 1TAGaU147: 1 comment — iFunny
British Humor, Hilarious, History Memes, History Jokes
Best of Tumblr part 5
two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of harry potter
g e o r g i a n a
two screenshots of the same person on their cell phones, one with an angry face
I wanna fuck this burrito Jack Barakat is Zues's son
the tweet is being posted on twitter
two people standing in front of a herd of sheep with the caption,'circle? yes odysseus? where's my crew?
Prove your humanity
the tweet is being posted to someone on twitter
the tweet is posted to someone on their facebook page, and it looks like they
an image of thomas washington with the caption that reads friends, i have discovered my new patron saint
46 Amusing Memes For When You Don't Feel Like Being Productive
a glass display case with two pieces of bread on it
an image of a map with words in english and chinese on the bottom right hand corner
an image of a map with words on it and the caption that says congratulations
Fidget spinner earth y'all - Funny
an image of some type of text on the screen
an image of some type of artwork with different colors and shapes on it's sides
two tweets that are on the same page, one is telling them what they're talking to
a computer screen with the text high - blogging while my prof was setting up for his lecture
two women with glasses and one is wearing a white top
Good one... - Funny
an image of the ocean with different types of waves and their names in english or spanish
a piece of paper with the words team written on it
Account Suspended
an old document with some writing on it and the words,'i am not sure what
an image of a man on stage with the caption that reads, eddie the eagle michael fassbender ryan reynolds interviews hugh jackman
Tumblr Bullshit 47: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY
the text on the screen is clearly visible for us to see in this screenshot
Tumblr Dump 4
the tweet has been posted to someone who is using it for their story
a tweet that reads, sideracra do ever feel like pulling an academic icarus flying too close to your deadlines on wings of deeply flowing time management