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three people standing next to each other in front of a white background with black ink
Joel Bernal R.: Photo
two sheep jumping over each other in a field with fenced in sheep behind them
Whatever fits
Nota : si mi naturaleza por comerte fuera menos. Me hacía tu amigo . Me lastime necesito un u..... broma broma una ash------una rx t de tórax pal corazon
a black and white bird flying through the air
Next tattoo: magpies
two cherubs are on the side of a building with ornate carvings around them
a black and white drawing of jesus with his arms spread out in front of him
an ornate design with cherubs, angels and other animals on it's side
a black and white drawing of an ornate frame with angels on the side, surrounded by leaves
an antique illustration of ancient greek sculptures and architectural details stock photo alamy black bedroom furniture
Greek architecture sculpture Stock Photo - Alamy