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a person is holding up a small box with some candy in it and the packaging has a blue ribbon
the poem is written in spanish and has pictures of children sitting on a park bench
Um Livro é Um Amigo
Livros Um livro é um amigo, Que aquece o coração, Ensina e diverte, Dá asas à imaginação! Faz-nos querer voar, Com Peter Pan e Sininho, Ou visitar a avó, Vesti…
a stage set up with balloons and stars
a teddy bear sitting next to two blue donuts with the word o's on them
the letter l is for iguana with an image of a lizard on it
the letter e is for elephant
an abc letter with clouds and a rainbow in the background
two pieces of paper with different colored writing on them and the words san antonio written in spanish
Trabalhando A Escrita Do Nome 8FB
Trabalhando A Escrita Do Nome | Projeto Identidade
a young boy standing on top of a floor next to some cut out letters and numbers
the letter w with eyes and hands on it's face is shown in pink and blue