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a glass jar with a camper and trees in it
Camper In A Jug
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a white shelf next to a window
Decoração com Pompons - Customize sua casa
Decoração com Pompons - Customize sua casa - Pra Quem Tem Estilo
a living room with a couch, potted plant and colorful pom - poms hanging on the wall
Pom Pom and Tassel Wall Hangings — Apricot Polkadot
the word hello spelled out in small letters on a piece of brown paper with string attached to it
Hello - Stitch Your Own Mini Banner Kit. Made with Recycled Card.
This cheery 'Hello' stitch your own mini banner kit is a simple and fun sewing project for kids to make. The kit comes with detailed and simple to follow instructions and this colourful design is a perfect introduction to embroidering with backstitch. Sewing is a fantastic way to get kids concentrating, it is a mindful activity and helps children to learn accuracy. The finished banner makes a cute decoration that the child can proudly display in their room. The kit is environmentally conscious