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An ink and watercolor illustration of a raucous Halloween party with costumed dancing animals. Fairy Tales, Pet Dogs, Four Of Wands, Halloween 78, Acryla Gouache, Animal Tarot, Western Massachusetts, Ink Watercolor, Minor Arcana
78 Tarot Halloween - Four of Wands
This joyous Four of Wands was created for the 78 Tarot Halloween deck! It was so much fun to paint. Which animal is your favorite? Mine is the mouse!
Ink and watercolor illustration. A rabbit dressed as Robin Hood, a badger dressed as a vampire, and a fox dressed as a bandit are trick or treating on Halloween night. Twitter Art, Witch Coven, Ink And Watercolor, 11x14 Print, Forest Friends, Friend Christmas, Animal Friends, Halloween Night, Forest Animals
Trick or Treat!
Three forest friends enjoying Halloween night!
a green butterfly sitting on top of a leafy plant next to a full moon
Moon Moth
"Moon Moth," 4x6 inches, watercolor and acryla gouache. Prints and merch in my Etsy and Redbubble shops!
Ink and watercolor illustration of a magical ancient weeping willow tree with sparkles. Willow Illustration, Willow Tree Painting, Magical Tree, Tree Signs, Weeping Willow, Ancient Tree, Fantasy Paintings, Tree Illustration
Once Upon a Tree
"Once Upon a Tree" was inspired by a magnificant willow tree I saw on vacation. I knew I had to paint it! The original painting was created with sepia ink, watercolor, and acryla gouache. Signed prints available in my Etsy shop. Other merch in my Redbubble.
Five witches and a cat dancing around a bonfire in a clearing in the forest at night. A full moon shines above with a pentacle in the moon. Stars shining. Pagan Nature, Witches Dance, Earth Drawings, Witch Tarot, Witchcraft Books, Wiccan Magic
The Everyday Witch's Coven
Illustration created as the cover for Deborah Blake's next book for Llewellyn Worldwide, the Everyday Witch's Coven: Ritual and Magic for Two or More. Ink, watercolor, and acryla gouache.
Painting of Blodeuwedd from Welsh mythology, a woman made from the flowers of broom, meadowsweet, and oak. In the image she is emerging from the floral growth. Gouache Painting, Welsh Mythology, Flower Maiden, Month Of Love, Forest Illustration, Colouring Books, Giclee Art Print
Blodeuwedd Flower Maiden Illustration
"Blodeuwedd," from Welsh mythology. Blodeuwedd was made from the flowers of broom, meadowsweet, and oak, to be the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes, cursed by his mother to never have a human wife. The tale does not end happily…
Von Rothbart from Tchaikovsky's ballet, Swan Lake. Ink  and watercolor illustration of evil owl-headed dark wizard, wearing a feather cloak. Rothbart Swan Lake, Swan Lake Illustration, Lake Illustration, Ballet Swan Lake, Deck Sign, Alchemy Symbols
Von Rothbart from Swan Lake - Illustration
My rendition of the villain Von Rothbart from the ballet Swan Lake! Ink, watercolor, acryla gouache.
Medieval melancholic woman playing the lute by a pond, moon reflection, forget me not flowers, illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Medieval Lute, Musician Illustration, Ipad Snap, Ex Libris, 8x10 Print, Forget Me Not, Book Plates
Forget Me Not - Medieval Lute Musician Illustration
"Forget Me Not" is a watercolor and acryla gouache painting. Prints available (see listings below).
Creepy victorian woman possessed by spirit or demon, eye glowing and exhaling glowing fumes, illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Rhapsody In Blue, Scary Stories To Tell, Unusual Art, Woman Illustration, Woman Art, Art Event
Breathless - Creepy Possessed Woman Illustration
"Breathless" is an ink and watercolor painting I created for Month of Fear ( Prints available (see listing below).
Maine Coon cat wearing a wizard hat and holding a magical sparkling wand, illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Kitty Cats, Fantasy Cats, Wizard Cat, Fantasy Poetry, Magic Cat, Earth Design, Diamond Paint, Cats Art, Cat Illustration
Oberon the Wizard Cat Illustration
This watercolor and acryla gouache portrait of a magical cat was created for a "Cat in the Hat" art show for the opening of the Dr Seuss Museum in Springfield, MA. Prints available (see listing below).
Evil Queen from Snow White holding poison apple, fairy tale illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Evil Queen Illustration, Queen Illustration, Witch Queen, Poison Apple, Arches Watercolor Paper, Poison Apples, Writer Inspiration
Poison Apple Evil Queen Illustration
A portrait of the Evil Queen from Snow White! Ink, watercolor and acryla gouache. Originally created for Month of Love - Prints available (see listing below)
Snow White laying on forest floor after eating poisoned apple, fairy tale illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Snow White Poison Apple, Snow White Art, Apple Illustration, Fairytale Illustration, Fairytale Art, Princess Art
Snow White Poison Apple Illustration
A portrait of Snow White after taking a bite from the apple! Watercolor and acryla gouache. Originally created for Month of Love - prints available (see listing below)
Red haired female knight taking her helmet off, wearing armor, portrayal of Alanna the Lioness from the books by Tamora Pierce, illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Alanna The Lioness, Knight Illustration, Woman Cross Stitch, Lady Knight, Heaven And Earth Designs, Tapestry Blanket, Female Knight, Heaven And Earth, Fantasy Lovers
Alanna the Lioness - Lady Knight Illustration
A portrait of my most favorite character in fiction, Alanna the Lioness from the books by Tamora Pierce. Watercolor and acryla gouache. Prints available (see listings below)
Magical spirit fox with sparkles in a snowy forest at night, a herald of the season of winter, watercolor and acryla gouache painting by Elisabeth Alba. In The Forest Illustration, Fox Spirit Animal, Fox In The Forest, Magic Fox, Witches Tarot Deck, First Snowfall, Painting Winter, Fox Spirit
Winter Spirit - Magical Fox in the Forest Illustration
I painted animals as heralds for each season - this magical fox is for winter! The painting is watercolor and acryla gouache. Prints available (see listings below)
Spooky art of creepy victorian woman holding a doll, her shadow has the wings and horns of a demon, illustration by Elisabeth Alba. Gothic Art, Doll Illustration, Scary Dreams, Arte Occulta, Rennaissance Art, Arte Obscura, Creepy Art, Ethereal Art, Arte Horror
The Sister - Creepy Possessed Woman with Doll
This ink and watercolor painting was created for Month of Fear (, in which a group of artists created artwork each week in October based on weekly themes. I don't paint creepy art often, so this was really fun to create! Prints available (see listing below)