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a man with no shirt holding a pair of scissors in his left hand and looking down
a young man holding a water bottle on top of his head while standing in front of a soccer field
João Félix
a man in a blue and red soccer uniform with his arms out to the side
a young man smiling and looking at the camera
a black t - shirt that says i love joao felix
i heart joao felix shirt
a young man is posing for a photo in front of a soccer field wearing a blue shirt
joão félix
a man with his hand up to his head and the words, this is love of my life
(Not mine)
two young men sitting on top of a sandy beach next to an orange and white bed
Joao Felix shirtless 🔥
a man standing on top of a tennis court holding a racquet in his hand
a man standing in front of a store window holding his hands out to the side
João Félix
a soccer player in action on the field
João Félix