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an entrance to a building with two doors and a number on the door, in front of a stone wall
Hotel Abadía del Maestrat | sanahuja&partners
Hotel Abadía del Maestrat, Sarratella, 2012 - Sanahuja & Partners
an old stone building with two doors on the outside and one door open to let in light
Galeria de Casa SH / Paulo Martins - 27
Galeria de Casa SH / Paulo Martins - 27
an outdoor living area with wooden decking and sliding glass doors
Porch Life: Modern Porches Step It Up
pergolado de madeira
an image of a house that is lit up in the evening hours and has glass walls
Dream Houses Archives
Glass and Timber Extension Revamps 18th Century Farmstead in UK - Mixing styles
a modern house with glass walls and doors
Maison Z by Mosa | Manufacturer references
Maison Z by Mosa reference projects | Manufacturer references
a stone building with two windows on the front and one door open at night time
Galeria de Casa SH / Paulo Martins - 9
Galeria de Casa SH / Paulo Martins - 9
a dog is standing in front of a stone wall and glass door that opens to the outside
Muros De Casas: 60 Fotos De Propostas Modernas, Pequenas E Mais
Muro de pedras com parte vazada em vidro; uma maneira interessante de deixar o lado interno da casa aparecendo
an empty room with wood flooring and stone walls is seen through a glass window
Galería de Casa JA / Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa - 22
Casa JA,© Joao Morgado