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The role of women in Native American cultures

History Lessons

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Virtual dissections can be a huge help in teaching science, biology, physiology and anatomy. Here are some of the best resources for your virtual lessons and labs.
Hands-on Science: Make a Model Eardrum - Make and Takes

Science Lessons

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Reading Response Worksheet - Reading Questions. Printables for story elements, reading strategies, comprehension, text connection, author study, vocabulary work etc

Language Arts

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SSKG2 Explain that a map is a drawing of a place and a globe is a model of Earth. Using this would provide a great visual for students that would help them to understand the features of a map. This could also be done for a globe. The students could use these to compare and contrast a globe and a map.

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Inspiration Organization: Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh
Seed Mosaic Build A Flower Activity - Woodlark Blog
Swing Painting Process Art

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two hands are writing letters on the same sheet
CVC Centers and Activities Volume One
reading questions worksheet for students to help them understand what they're reading
Reading Questions
someone is holding a notebook with balloons on it and counting the numbers in front of them
three black and white printable worksheets with the words unc flip subtraction
Number Facts Games: Uno Flip for Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
the instructions for learning how to use legos with duplo and other toys
Fun Way to Learn Symmetry with Duplo - Happy Tot Shelf
two yellow dices sitting on top of a sheet of paper with numbers in it
an article about the story of van gogh
Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh
Inspiration Organization: Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh