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an image of different colors in the same color scheme for each type of paint swatches
Step Out of Your Color Comfort Zone with These 5 Essential Tips (Plus Our Handy Color Cheat Sheet!)
a cat with red eyes and circuit board in the shape of a robot's head
Circuits by MacUaine on DeviantArt
a drawing of a fly insect on a dark background
Mechanical Insects
the different types of radars are shown in blue and black circles on a dark background
g r i e f l e n s e s
a black background with an image of a face in the center
Created a logo for "Zaibatsu heavy industries". First step in creating a megacorp that with a cool name for us to be serfs for.
the text play is made up of pixelated shapes and pink, purple, and blue colors
Cyberpunk - 80s Retro Text Effects
the sun is setting over an abstract purple and blue background with lines that appear to be distorted
Blue, Purple, Violet, Light, Magenta, Neon
Wordpress, Cosplay, 3d, Weapon Concept Art, Weapon, Armor Concept, Robot
Low Poly Cyberpunk weapons Pack | 3D Weapons | Unity Asset Store
an electronic circuit board with red lights in the dark
"Armitage III" OVA - Opening (HD)