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Pins about this topic can be upsetting for people who view them. If you or someone you know is going through something difficult, or struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, you're not alone. Helplines can provide free, confidential and immediate support.
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four squares with images of people and animals on them, all in black and white
QR Codes criativos que funcionam
a yellow and black lego block with a qr code printed on it's side
a crossword puzzle with the word qr on it's black and white background
some black and white art work with different designs on the paper, including squares, rectangle
QR Code hacks: modifying and altering for artistic fun
a black and white image of a barcode with the word register identity on it
Fingerprint17barcode1 stock vector. Illustration of codebar - 721250
four different images of the same person on a qr - code, each with an image of a woman's face
QR Codes criativos que funcionam
a black and white image of a man's face with qr code on it
Resources – Use QR codes to enhance your art