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an animal print keychain with two charms
Porta chaves
Resina e cortiça
five pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a white fur covered floor next to each other
Epoxy-resin keys chain and necklaces
the letters are made out of gold and blue marbled metal, which has been used as keychains
Colorful Resin Letter Keychains
the letters n and n are made out of black wood with gold sprinkles
Personalized keychain with letter, epoxy resin, black and gold.
two key chains that are shaped like letters with tassels on them, one has a tassel and the other has a tassel
Rainbow letter keychains
the letters are made out of plastic buttons
a keychain with the letter a and tassels hanging from it's side
Letter A resin Keychain
the letters v and v are made out of gold, blue glass blocks with crystals hanging from them
the letter e is made out of plastic beads and tasseled with green sequins