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four children's drawings are displayed on the wall
Ma préférence à moi - Les cahiers de Joséphine
an artist's work with paint and brushes on a white table next to some watercolor paints
Creative dimension.
a drawing of a chicken with a crown on it's head
Textured Chicken Painting · Art Projects for Kids
Simple chicken painting. Perfect for #kindergarten.
four different paintings with trees and mountains in them
La lumière du printemps - Les cahiers de Joséphine
four pictures of different animals with colorful colors and designs on them, one has a cat in the middle
A la manière de Chrystèle Saint Amaux (3) : Les escargots
Du fil et mon cartable : A la manière de Chrystèle Saint Amaux (3) : Les escargots
a painting of a rocket taking off into the night sky with stars and moon in the background
SPACE SHUTTLE Wall Art for Kids Rooms,12x12 acrylic canvas, Children's Wall Art, space themed nursery
Space Art for Kids, ROCKET BLAST OFF No.2, 11x14, Childrens Painting for Boys
a woman holding up a mask with her face painted on it
My state convention Part 2 - Roofing Felt workshop
One of the workshops I presented at the recent NYSATA convention was a 50 minute hands-on workshop painting on roofing felt. I have pre...
a man is washing his hands in the kitchen
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a child's drawing of a girl on top of a building
Turning Children's Drawings Into Real Life
three children are drawing on the sidewalk with chalk while an adult watches from the street
20 Fascinating Black and White Photographs Portray Images of Japanese Children After World War II
This was a period of remarkable fortunes for Japan, spanning the Sino-Japanese…
an image of a plant with leaves on it
Foxtail Lily
Foxtail Lily
four cans of soup are shown in this drawing
Art Projects for Kids: Andy Warhol Soup Cans