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some brown paper bags are stacked on top of each other and have white papers in them
Case Study - Living Apothecary — Function Creative Co. - Brand Strategy + Design Studio
a person holding a coffee cup in front of an open box with four cups inside
Stone & Grove
three bottles of wine are sitting in a box
Teapod - The Tea Atelier
six bottles of gin are lined up in a row on the wall next to each other
Military Rations Inspire Hotel Tango Distillery's Visual Identity
six bottles of hot sauce lined up on a table
'Play with Fire' Packaging
three jars with different types of condiments in them, sitting inside a cardboard holder
Cool spice Packaging!
the cover of food photography magazine, with various jars and containers on top of each other
WONDER:LAB ✖ foodography
a packaged package of apple pies on a pink background with the words pine's finest
Phil’s Finest Packaging Playfully Pushes The Limits
several bags of food sitting on top of boxes
Kaffe med snäll eftersmak | Från egna gårdar | Lykke Kaffegårdar
two pictures of a green bottle with a purple label on it
The Wonky Blend
a bottle of juice sitting next to a glass filled with liquid
Réunion Is A Craft Beer Best Shared Between Old Pals
four bottles of juice sitting on the ground
Feria by Cafería